Mastering Parvati – Part 1

Background: Parvati always had a whorish and slave instincts. However, she never realized it until she started getting intimate with an online friend of hers whom she got intimate with online once. The online friend turned out to be a dominant guy and together they have a blissful BDSM life where Parvati is the most loyal Slave and Raand. And her master, her Swami, her Maalik coincidently his name is Shiv is harsh yet considerate Master.

Here is the first encounter where Shiv mastered Parvati and took control over her.

(The couple talks mostly in English but they love talking in Hindi as it makes them more horny and wild)

It all started when it was raining heavily, the shower beating the Summer woes, making the birds sing melodiously tuning harmoniously with nature. The summer sun was already gone, and it was the season of romantic monsoon.

Just then the coolness of the air shrunk Parvati’s areolas and perked her nipples as she lied naked on her bed on the 14th Floor apartment across the Marine Drive with “Shiv” written on her Areolas in a circular form as if it is his stamp on her. That’s how she was supposed to sleep and obey her master’s command.

However, the sudden fresh breeze that percolated inside each and every hole of her body including her nipples and pussy gave her a strong urge to come.

“I’m very horny Maalik.” Parvati texted her master Shiv.

“Why is that Raand?” her Maalik responded quickly seeing his Slut anxious and lusty.

“I masturbated last night. I didn’t come. I really wanted to – badly!”

“Good. I’m glad you are listening to me as you should of course!”

Parvati then entered her bath tub which had rose and lavender scents in it and foams that were as smooth as soft as her plumpy breasts. Something that her Maalik loved the most. Taking her maalik’s name she then started her daily bath routine.

Caressing her boobs and then squeezing her right nipples gently, she started chanting, “Shiva, my maalik, I’m your Randi, the most loyal slave of yours. I yearn your mighty Lund, your fat Penis like it is the most divine and auspicious thing to have in my chut, my pussy.”

“Pinch it hard, Bitch!” pat came the voice from the cam where Parvati’s Maalik saw her bathing from the webcam. Yes, he would see her bathing and chanting his name always.

Parvati, the Raand, the Slave, was very grateful that her Swami, her Maalik gave her a darshan in the morning. It was something that she had begged from him and being considerate he had agreed to her wish.

Squeezing her boobs hard almost making her nipples as hard as the pin, Parvati took Shiv, her maalik’s name yet again – “Shiv Shiv, My Maalik, The Owner of My Chut, You Own Me, YOU HAVE ALL THE RIGHT ON ME. ”

“Good. He said.” as he looked pleased to see her in ecstasy and pain as his Raand took his name and chanted all over.

Parvati then moved her fingers on her chut, yes, her wetty vagina, the lusty thing in her that is nothing like a throne of her master’s penis. A place where her Maalik can rest his long and mighty Penis.

Fingering her chut with her 2 right hand fingers, and squeezing her boobs with her left hand, Parvati moans SHIVVVVVVVVV, MY LORD, MY PRABHU!!!

“Pinch your nipples for me” The Maalik calls in from the cam.

Obeying her Malik’s order Parvati squeezes it hard, “My Maalik, My Swami, My Nippples are your property!”

“Remove your finger from your chut and taste it for me!” Commands Shiv, her maalik!

Instantly, Parvarti does it, she removes her soft and silky finger immersed in her snowy white liquid that has a feminine scent and licks it with a slutty satisfaction.

“How does it taste” Shiv demands a reply.

“Master, it is very luscious and it makes me feel all more good as you watch me doing this. Your divine eyes on me and my chut simply make it all the more tastier.”

“Good!” He groans.

Just when she is about to masturbate and repeat the act, he shouts –


“Can I come please as you see me masturbating?” The Raand almost pleads.

“No, you shouldn’t come until and unless I order. You’ll come only when I’ll tell you. Now wash yourself quickly as I’m heading back to my board meeting.”


Master to Raand on Phone -“What are you doing Bitch?”

“Reading a story of a slave and a master, Sahab!”

“Are you hot and horny?”

“Yes Master! Can I please come now? It’s been 5 days, I have not come yet!” Please master!”

“Not yet bitch. Maybe Tomorrow!”

“Thank you master for being so considerate!”

“Okay Pinch your nipples for me!”

Parvati inserted her hands in her white gown that had a pink lace. Slightly slipping her bra, she pressed her nipples tightly. AArgggghhh. she went.

“Gasp more Raand!” The master demanded his slave to be more slutty.

“Touch your chut for me taking my name!”

Moving her fingers towards her panty, a horny Parvati inserted her hand into her satin panty and started moaning loud taking her maalik’s name – Shiv, Shiv, she moaned.

My maalik, my master, she gasped like a hungry slave.

She continued, “I really miss having you inside me, Master. I wish you were here right now and my chut would have been a host to serve your mighty long Lund.”

Good he said. Maybe tomorrow you can come. Not today. Be a good slut and wait till I allow you to come. You are a good Raand and be that away.

“Thank you for being so nice to me Maalik and showing mercy on me”. She said happily.

The phone went off. Parvati completed her task of being fully in control of her master. She didn’t come despite masturbating. The story will continue in other parts as Parvarti, the Rand pleases, and obeys her Master, her Maalik Shiv in the next chapters.

Hope you enjoyed the initial phase of Parvati being a Slave.


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