Confessions of Indian Desi Slave – Day 1!

I’m a 29 year old Indian Desi slave with right weight at the right places and my Maalik is my live-in partner who is 33 years old, a well-built dude. Here in my diary I’ll be writing all about my encounter with my sahab and my internal feelings when he asks me to rub his gaand (ass) or when he abuses me and when he licks my pussy lips with his wetty mardana (manly) tongue.

We live in an independent apartment with a small garden that literally surrounds our love nest (sex nest to be precise). Living in close proximity with nature in a way accentuates our bond even more.

Here’s my First Confession. Read on…..

When My Master Rewarded Me By Eating Me Up!

After completing all the house hold chores post 11 am including rubbing the floor with the phenyl, I am quickly rushing to bath myself.

My maalik can come anytime and he would want me to smell of lavender and roses not phenyl and soaps. I have closed the door without unlocking it as my Lord could come anytime and he doesn’t like waiting at the door banging the bell.

I’m in the Bathroom

Removing my black tight thongs gently, I see a slight tear at the edges remembering how my sahab had stretched my legs with my panty on. I take it off with my hand and then placing it on my sahab’s boxer in the bathroom that hungs behind the door, I gently rub the thongs on the boxer and smell it. “Wow, I wish if it was for real!” Yes, I can literally feel the sensation of his mighty lund (penis) as his manly smell goes into my nose pumping a sudden gush of erotic air in my boobs. My nipples poke out of my 34C bra as I think about my maalik, his mascular lund and his mighty body.

Thinking of him, i unhook my black net bra that hides my booty less and illustrates its bulkiness more. That’s how my maalik loves it and I love it when he presses my bossom from the netty bra as I feel the cells of his hand right close to my heartbeat, something that makes me all the more close to him physically as well as mentally. I love the way he pulls me and grabs my boobs in his hand as if is just a pulpy mango and he wants to tear it apart and eat it up like a wild animal.

I’m Fully naked now as I sit on the small stool and start applying my Strawberry body wash that he gifted me – rubbing it on the upper area of my body – my boobs 34D (though i wear 34C as ordered by maalik) , nipples, neck, and over my curves that gently meets the V area of my crotch area.

As i slowly reach the top of my vagina, I suddenly notice a love bite that is still so very evident. Moving my hands all over my vagina and the vulva region, i remember how my maalik rewarded me by eating my pussy after I had been an obedient slut all week long. Yes, it’s an honour for me to share with the world that my first reward from my god gracious maalik was a deep mouth fuck into the G-spot and that too for good 10 minutes. Yes, it was that long and I still cannot stop feeling him in me.

The feeling of my maalik’s mouth in my vagina is giving me a sudden high, a feeling of ecstasy.

Let me narrate how I felt that day –

The moment his tongue started moving in my pussy hole, the blood levels of my body rushed all the more as if I had the key to the world’s most fun-filled and exciting fantasy land. His lips pressing my vulva made me yearn his name and all i could say was “Avinnnnnnnnnasssssshhhhhhh, Keep on going my maalik!”

And then when he started rubbing my clits with his nose and smelling my feminine smell and simultaneously licking me all over my vertical lips, every part of my body bowed in his submission. Yes, as if he is my god, my lord and I’m his slut and slave – nothing in this world belongs to me. Whatever I posess even if my body is his.

I could say nothing but kept moaning his name  and even pleaded him to make me come. “Avinashhhhhhhh, fasssssst i was gasping” as I banged my head on the bed’s edges while he looked at me in excitement as he saw the body shaking and trembling because of the heat generated in me by him. He felt proud and continued abusing me –

“Kitni gilli ho gayi hai re tu chinaal (How wet you have become slut) like a gutter”, he said slowly and then spitting on my vagina he continued licking.

His saliva was like a magic potion – The moment it entered in me and my sexy feminine vagina – I was in another world and the moment it rubbed with his mighty mouth all i could desire in the world was he eating me up my

And then he uttered in his commanding manly voice –

“I own you Meera. Your each and every body part including your boobs and pussy belongs to me.”  while he continued eating my pussy like it was his favorite dessert after the dinner.  “You have no right to your body. Your maalik Avinash owns it.” He proclaimed proudly.

I simply love it when my maalik Avinash expresses every time that he is my maalik. The feeling that he owns me and the way he claims my every part with a love bite or a pinch seduces me into his manly dominance. Nothing in the world is as satisfying for a slave than hearing those dominating words from a dominating master.

Like yesterday my Master said “Randi Jaani, your body, every inch of it now belongs to me. Your ass, your mouth, your nipples and those lovely bouncing boobs – they all belong to me. So, i will decide what you should touch and what not.”

These lines simply delighted me. My master had accepted me as his slave. My maalik had expressed his desire to own me and his claim on my every part including my G spot simply left me with a gush of excitement.

Back in the bathroom, I remember all the scene as I then move my hand towards my pussy cleaning it with strawberry flavored red colored body wash and narrating scene to you.

I take the hand shower now and start cleaning myself as the drizzles clean the strawberry pores and move downwards from my slutty boobs to my whory pussy and then to my crotch area.

All clean I wipe myself with my maalik’s towel to feel him all over my body yet again and wrap my naked body in a white dupatta. Yes, a translucent white dupatta! I’m all set to welcome my maalik, my sahab, my master and to serve him yet again as he comes in the afternoon heat with sweat covering his body

“Where is my Raand? Has she been naughtly lately?” – My slutty ears and cunt can already feel my master’s entry. I’m going to welcome him in my slutty and slavery style. Hope he likes it.

Sorry my sexy passionate companions, I have to rush in to serve my master, my maalik, my everything! Will definitely share everything that happens today with my confessions.

See you soon till then keep being wetty, hungry and sexy!